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One day I will actually be in the U.S. for the infamous spring break and I am telling you; what happens in TJ stays in TJ! But until then, I can't really complain about my past spring breaks. This March/April I got to go home! Well, kind of. Home as in on the other side of the country of my UK home and home as in the beautiful Italian home of a certain beautiful Italian gentleman.

The trip did not start too well. After 3 of travelling which included the longest night bus ride in the history, freezing my ass off on the floor of the praying room for about 8 hours at the Beijing airport and a excruciating lack of sleep, I arrived in London. The streets smelled of dirt and the customer service was absolute horrific. I was home and could not have been happier! From London I caught the train all the way down South to Falmouth and there I stayed for the next two weeks.
Falmouth, as any English town, was small and yet so delightfully cute in all its britishness that the first morning I got up and went about the town I was smiling from ear to ear. I could actually understand what people were saying, I could have a nice cup of coffee for a few pounds, I could ask directions without a complete confusion on both sides of the conversation and I could go to the supermarket and buy everything I had missed for 7 months! So, as I could do all this, this is what I did for the next two weeks while my better half buried himself in books working on his essays in order to get them done in time.
Going about Falmouth and other parts of Cornwall made me realize how much I missed Aberdeen and the pace of life of a city, or at least a town. The most nerve racking part was meeting all the people in Falmouth I was supposed to meet, but somehow I managed to get along without too many awkward silences. I guess.

After the rather rainy (in my bliss I thought; this is England and I wouldn't have it any other way) two weeks in Falmouth it was time to pack our bags again and head to Milan. If I had been afraid of the people in Falmouth, you can not imagine the level of my anxiety when thinking who's going to pick us up at the airport in Italy.. Luckily the welcome was most wonderful and by that night I had forced a few words out of my mouth while listening to the traditional looking Italian family ramble around the dinner table. To them our dinners must seem like an episode of Walking Dead; silent eating with a few grunts if you're lucky.
In Italy we went about Milan quite a lot. I saw the iconic city centre as well as enough Prada and Gucci stores to last me a life time, the beautiful historic town of Bergamo with its narrow streets and tiny restaurants, lake Como which is the current home town of George Clooney (a fact that explains in itself that the place is stunning) and also Venice, the capital of romance in Europe. I enjoyed everyone sight and scenery but in the end it was all about the company. The weeks in Italy made me envy their natural and historical beauty though, we have trees in Finland. Great.

In addition to the handsome guy in all these pictures, I also saw Liucija! Awesome reunion time with clothes, coffee, pizza and way too much ice cream. I can't believe my luck for having such an amazing flatmate for next year, can already feeling the excitement creep in!

Unfortunately, for me and maybe some of you who are actually interested, all the pictures taken in Venice and other picture worthy places are on a different camera. On a camera that lies somewhere in the pile of stuff that decorates a certain bedroom in Italy. Ahem, I will get them in 4 weeks though. Maybe I will put some on later, for now the catch is very poor.

 Falmouth beach! So many doooooogs. I went to see them almost everyday. Yeah, I am that creepy. Don't even talk about puppies.
 Private tour guide, bam.
 The Duomo in Milan city centre.
 Bergamo from the top of the hill.
 I apologize for my ignorance but this is one of the many many gorgeous churches all around the country.
They sure love the man upstairs.

Wonder why I gained weight in Italy.. well this girl still managed to look  stunning even with the vast amount of ice cream we consumed!

So that's it! I made it. 7 days and all, now you are pretty much caught up with my spring happenings. Of course another nice event was my mum and sister visiting, but since I have not a single picture of that, the story will have to wait. You will hear it soon though, as well who the last four weeks of my time turn out to be.  Later lovers.

Love, Sonja

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