maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013

here we go again

Helloo good people! 
I must apologize for being a bit MIA recently. For the last 5 months, ehem.. 
Well, better late than never! This is a just a quick hello to let everyone know that in the next 7 days I will update you on the events of this beautiful spring of ours. So, get ready for some good old story time! Can't guarantee the quality, but I will, this time, guarantee the existence of the stories!

Now, it is +30°C and it is time for me to take a walk in the sun to the mall to buy some sale priced, delicious cherries, birthday gifts for the lucky ones this week and ingredients to make some tasty nordic food for the event of the weekend. But not to worry, you will here from me soon!

This is pretty much what I've been upto lately.. let's go to the beach -each!

Love, Sonja

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