lauantai 11. elokuuta 2012


I'm iiiin spaaacee. Or not.
Since I truly am bored and tired right now, this is gonna be one efficient update. A few weeks ago I decided that my summer can't be all work and no play, since everyone knows Jack becoming a dull boy isn't exactly a joyous event. The plan was to take every opportunity to do something new, even the little things I always wanted to do while in Finland but never found the time or the energy to actually do.

So here goes, my top ten day brighteners in Oulu during the last few weeks. Photos included whenever possible/not too energy consuming.

1. Bird watching. So far my luck with the actual ducks or so has been quite poor, but the journeys to the bird watching towers have been adventures by themselves. I've seen all sorts of mammals from bunnies to cows and yet not even the slightest peek of a swan. Maybe I want to consider actaully looking up every once in a while?

 Where 'em birds at? Thank god I am one fly chick myself. Eh.

2. Day time drunkeness. Proved to work most marvellously with my working schedule with the 5 a.m. alarms. Best case was the punch and board games with the girls, saddest one probably me drinking leftover wine at home with my dogs in the afternoon. What can I say, it was raining too hard to go for a run.

 Challenge accepted.
We're not messing around here boys.
 Game face.

 3. Dark knight rises. E-P-I-C! Need I say more?

No, you need not.

 4. Day time cinema. As a category of it's own. Drama, horror, thriller, american, finnish, good, bad. Anything goes.

 The perfect companion for crappy, over priced movie!

5. Flee markets. It's been slim pickings but I finally found the perfect denim jacket! It's some how very ejoyable to imagine yourself as a completely different person while combining all the items found on flee markets, that you never buy, cause that's just not you. But could it be?

Luckily the young lovers here had better luck with the actual shopping. They even spend the tremendous amount of money that is 1,20e!

6. Maxi dresses. Oh yes, I did it. Apparently, I am considered too short to wear them. See if I care!

7. Horse back riding. The Olympic fever has gotten me in every way but especially this. Even went to a live show for the first time in years. Sceadufæx, lord of all horses, be mine?

8. Water melon. Omnomnom summer times!

Alright, there's no melon here. But there is summer and omnom!

9. Tiny little incredibly beautiful gardens full of old ladies talking about different kind of seeds and bulbs. I guess I should also add that I went to a city garden fair the other day with the lovely woman who gave me life. It was ah-mazing!

The cutest little blurry summer house right in the city area. The finnish need their nature!


10. Reading classics. It's been the summer of a life time in the 17th century Russia (Tolstoi), excluding the days when it's too windy even for Captain Ahab to come out of his cabin (Melville).

 Suddenly, I don't want to learn how to fish anymore.

Allrighty, this was officially my last post on mediumlarge. Change is inevitable.

The big white is coming..

Love, Sonja