lauantai 15. kesäkuuta 2013

memoirs of a geisha pt 1

On the 28th of February came the day the whole nation of these tiny people had been waiting for their whole lives, the occasion that brought light to the immense darkness that was my life at the time. Elina came to visit!

I must admit, Akita in the middle of the winter is not the ultimate holiday resort so the fact that Elina was willing to use her good, hard earned money to come and see me in this winter not-so-wonder land caught me by an emotional storm of gratitude, appreciated and believing in a higher power of a sort. So cheers to El Torka!

Even with the little to show, I wanted Elina to see the best parts of life in Akita. Since a week earlier it had been my 22nd birthday, we decided to go out to an Izakaya and celebrate me and Michael growing older with pretty much everyone who was around for the winter semester. All in all, very impressive grade of drunkenness was achieved and having a beer with my fellow Finnish lassie took my straight back to the nights in Oulu in the best possible way.

In other adventures was a trip to the Japanese spa, a nice conveyer belt sushi experience, gorgeous purikura pics, a tour in Akita City and a rather unpleasent experience of going to the cinema hungover to watch the film "Flight". If you have seen the film, you understand why it is not the best choice for two people extremely hungover and both facing a 12 hour flight in a matter of days..

 Look who it is! Oulunsalo, biatch!
Heading out with these two pimps. Yeap.
 Even the coldest Nordic hearts melt for a teddy bear.
 The birthday boy! And the girl behind the camera.
 Party times. Izakaya night is obviously nearing it's end by the looks on our faces.
 El Torka paying her respects to the local Gods at the shrine close to AIU.
And again at Akita City. Can't fight the spirits I guess!

I can not tell you how amazing it felt to see that familiar face at the Akita train station. My two completely different world colliding but all for the best. Finally I can sleep at nights again now knowing that there is at least one person back home who hasn't forgotten about me! Not saying that the others have, and even if they had, I am going to remind them of my existence real soon! Can't wait for September (love changing the the minds of pretenders) and the good times with Elina and all the others. Hmph I reckon sometimes home does really call me.

Okay, so this was one of may favourite happening of this spring! Next up is another favourite; the trip back to European continent - England & Italy edition.

Love, Sonja

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