sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2012

things that make me happy


So an update with "things done" is coming soon. In the meanwhile, here's a few things that make me happy here in Akita! Yey!

1. Autumn foliage

It's proper autumn again! The whole world around our campus is yellow and red and brown. Ahh, gotta love the crisp morning air and smell of moist ground. Wow, that sounded weird and corny.

 On my way to the library.

2. COS

Community outreach service. Our uni organizes voluntary work possibilities several times a week so that the students of AIU can work with elementary school kids, farmers and all that. The nicest stuff and an amazing way to get to know the locals and the surrounding areas.

 Kids and me cooking some bad ass kiritampo. Oishii desuyo!

3. Thoughts of others

Me thinking of people and people thinking of me. Aww.

 Wall invasion.
 Andrea's gift to the sickling. Worked!

4. Arts and crafts

Due to the increasingly cold weather and dark nights, I find myself spending more and more time eatching classic films, knitting mittens for everyone and drinking tea. When I stop talking and start communiting with Totoro-noises instead, you know that hibernation is not too far from happening.

 Creative corner.

5. Christmas time

Finally, it's here! The cheesy carols, smell of cinnamon everywhere and maybe, just maybe I'll the first Japanese snowflakes soon enough. I guess the proper Finnish way would be to grunt at and disapprove anything christmass-y before two days of the actual holiday, but I'm am consumed by consumerism and proud of it! Love the theme decorations, peppermint candy canes and red nosed animals of any species (they're a bit confused by Rudolf over here in Japan)!

 Christmas omnoms! Glühwein from the foreign food store and a massive package of goods from back home. Made my day, big kisses to the folks at home!
 Ayami and me checking out Starbuck's gingerbread latte, fully approved!

Right at this moment I am retrieving to my bed with a cup of liquarice tea and the newest episode of Grey's anatomy. Thank to the all mighty all this drama only exists in the telly.

Oh, and as for as a bonus round for the list; this face!

 Won't you look at that.

Love, Sonja

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  1. miss u babe.
    oisin kiitollinen osotteesta ehkis myös !