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Helloo guys!
Since it's pretty late I'm not gonna be able to tell you ALL that I've done for the past few weeks (it's a lot) but I decided to dedicate this post to the eatings and drinkings in Japan as well as the amazingly magnificent experience of the AIU FESTIVAL!

Since the eatings and drinkings are pretty self-explanatory (omnoms times hundred so far), let me say just a few words about the school festival.
So apparently in Japan every school does this once a year and it's the single biggest event of the year for each school. Since our Uni is only (what) seven years old, it's absolutely mind-blowing how much popularity the festival has gained in such a short time. During the two days we had more than 7000 visitors from outside the campus. Most of the students I saw at the festival had not been sleeping for at least 48 hours while working on the numerous food stalls, haunted houses, performances and other festive activities. The hard work really paid off and while working myself as well, I enjoyed the school festival tremendously. I'll let the pics tell you why!

Otherwise things have been rather calm for a few days. It's the midterm exam time! Mine are quite easy so my studying pace has been relatively chilled for the past days but I have seen a few pairs of those ever-so-familiar rage eyes I got used to in Aberdeen during essay and/or exam period.

I can feel you get bored while reading this, so let's move on to the pictures. Many stories about our trip to Sendai, lazy days and future plans are to come though!

For the death of me I can not remeber the name of this place (very long and very consonant-y) but I can tell for sure it was delicious! Basically you buy a bowl of ingredients with a sauce, mix it and fry it yourself with the hotplate in the middle of the table. Foodgasm guaranteed.
Embracing myself for greatness (the portion was massive!). Note the fancy girl date-look, went out with mah homegirl Ayami (pic above).
Okay, Finland needs this. Izakaya is what it's called. Basically you pay a certain amount (~15e) and you can drink as much as you can for the following two hours. And yes, it is possible to order six drinks at the same time for yourself.

Alazne enjoying the perks of this wonderful invention (read: the first 500 drinks are kicking in).
Morning coffee! Since this country is seriously lacking in good coffee, Ayami and me decided to start a tradition of having some quality coffee and conversation every morning at hers.
And when you find a proper cuppa, you pay for it (~6e). Loving Danke Cafe though, quality coffee with quality service!
The closest thing to heaven: conveyor belt sushi and soda with ice cream. Mmm me fatty, me happy.

Festival presenting time! Daisuke and me ready to hit the stage.
Debate team rep crew. They say it's "intellectual fun". Ha.
Lunch break at the impressive student run cool food stalls. Oichi!

Okay, normal clothes are cool as well. Especially when hanging out with a gigantic pear? A green M&M? What is this thing?
My debate partner Ikuma doing a solid job at Kanto performance which was the highlight and the ending performance of the festival. Two words: mind blown. Better pics to follow!

All right. After this very culturel post I'm ready to bed. Basically sleeping on the IT lab floor already. Nighty night my friends.

Love, Sonja

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